Alpine Auto Recovery Car Towing Review from Bellevue, Washington

This business should be shut down. They are going on private property and towing legally parked vehicles in our lot at The Girardsat Cherry Hills. They have scouts they pay to let them know certain vehicles they can tow to make for sure money. This is called predatory towing as well as malicious intent. They tell the cops your leasing office says its om to tow your car but thetes no leasing office signature on the paperwork. Be very carefull before you sign papers for vehicle release ask to see your vehicle before you sign. They damaged my vehicle and i know have an insurance claim. They are crooks eventually they will meet their demise. Be patient!!!! Already reported to the news as well as fair housing, attorney general office, bbb and disability act.
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Bellevue, Washington
Reason of review
Bad quality

Alpine Auto Recovery - Car Towing Review from Gahanna, Ohio

Yes these *** towed my car I was parked in a handicapped space with my marker up thy tried to tell me it was not there but I no it was it never leaves my car thy got into my car and took it so that gave them a reason to think That thy can tow me well guess what *** u will be going to court I made a police report he told me that thy dont get into cars I call *** on that I also looked them up on theBBB thy have a big fat F on there review it cost me 236.00 to get my out I'm going to do what ever it takes to bring this *** down he thinks he's got power so called pastcop its no wonder he's not anymore your going go find out when I take your fat *** to court and win and get your com fired from the complex that I live in
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Gahanna, Ohio
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Illegal towed & damaged vehicle, insurance fraud

Alpine Auto Recovery - Illegal towed & damaged vehicle, insurance fraud
This company towed my truck without due process - it had already been moved from the unmarked spot my husband had thought was open parking to a reserved visitor spot we have used before for guests and family members visiting. My vehicle was legally parked when the driver towed me less than 2 hours after I parked in the legal spot (which was less than 100 feet from the office; it would have taken little effort to validate the tow, plus there are criteria in place to follow). We really feel this driver took advantage of the situation and was predatory in his approach. The driver did not follow established procedures, yet despite repeated phone calls to the tow company owner by the property manager, with the tow company owner's reassurance that the fee would be returned, the office staff has repeatedly denied they are responsible and will not refund the charge. But this is the least of their egregious behavior. The vehicle front end was damaged during the tow to the tune of $2800.00. I was not informed my vehicle was obviously damaged during the tow-l immediately brought the damage to the attention of Matt. Matt would not answer my husbands questions as to why my husband had to point out the damage, instead of the unskilled driver just assuming responsibility. What if my husband had been a old lady or other type of victim? Matt suggested I get three estimates and the driver may pay the repairs out of pocket to avoid a hit to his insurance. When we brought the estimates in we were told that they could not contact the driver for a week and they would have to "investigate" claim. My husband was promised they would "investigate" the claim by a Sean Perry the night they towed the vehicle. lnstead, they called at eleven at night, blamed the property manager, and denied my husband the ability to claim my vehicle that evening, resulting in loss of use and delaying the discovery of the damage. As of a week later, this company had informed me that the situation woul be resolved before 11:00 am on 514t13. When we showed up at the office, Matt claimed he knew nothing, and would provide no requested insurance or involved party information. He clainred he was just a payment taker, while Flelicity specifically told us to pick up all the information at the appointed time listed above. We had to turn in a claim which will affect my claims history adversely, even if the premiums dont rise. When I contacted the police about the refusal to exchange insurance information, l was told it was a civil action and to "file a form?" ?? I would appreciate a call, and will absolutely want to lodge a complaint; this is one bad operator. Thank You.
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I'm with you I live at Woodhaven an will break my lease because of the horrible business they run an company they associate with. My car was towed sometime last night with no warning.


Please call three oh 3. 4 ninety five 48 twenty eight if you need more places to file complaints.

Thank you. Look at all the other Alpine complaints online. They are ***.

No one calls them for roadside traditional towing. They thrive on collusive deals with places like Woodhaven.


Here's the latest update: Complaint to AG CO forwarded to BBB for continued review. . .

Consumer's Original Complaint :

From: CO Attorney General (mailto:ColoConsumerComplaints@***

Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 10:03 AM

To: Better Business Bureau Info

Subject: Alpine Auto Recovery

State of Colorado

Department Of Law

Office of the Attorney General

RE: Alpine Auto Recovery

Dear Better Business Bureau,

The enclosed consumer complaint was filed with our office. While the matter remains in our active files and under consideration, we believe your agency may be able to further assist the complainant.

We appreciate your review of the material and any assistance you may provide. Please feel free to contact our office with additional questions or concerns.



Consumer Specialist

Consumer Protection Section

(720) 508-****

(800) 222-****


06/18/2013 lori BBB Case Received by BBB

06/25/2013 lori BBB Case Reviewed by BBB

06/25/2013 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer

06/25/2013 Otto EMAIL NOTIFY BUSINESS OF DISPUTE : Complaint Response Date bumped because: Holiday

07/02/2013 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : On or about June 2, 2013 we were finally contacted nearly 5 weeks after the incident by a Progressive Insurance Auto Adjuster, Rodney Franks, who was apparently providing insurance services for Matt Cooper, the tow truck driver who caused the damage that Donald Heald Jr. tries to disclaim. The Progressive auto adjuster Rodney Franks is providing services for the Artisan and Truckers Casualty Co. Policy # CA0839****, which we were forced to obtain through the DORA PUC records.

He told us that he was going on vacation and to log in to our Progressive account online to keep up with the claim. You would think that a adjuster would know that the account is NOT SET UP for a victim to register; just the policyholder. In the meantime, he recommended that I go get yet another estimate at a Progressive sponsored dealership.

A couple weeks later we get a letter from Progressive that we can choose the repair shop we like due to Colorado Law (Form Letter).

On or about June 12, 2012 we got a call from our carrier, State Farm, informing us of Progressive's denial of the claim and that they would be subrogating and arbitrating, which could take several months. Waiting patiently for this process could take us past the personal time limits in place to pursue small claims action.

I insisted that everyone take a close look AGAIN at the photos submitted by Matt Cooper and Alpine claiming previous damage. It took over four weeks to get the photos from MATT COOPER, ample time to doctor them, which they did.

Several days later, the Progressive adjuster Rodney called me to let me know they were denying the claim. He wouldn't say much else in terms of acknowledging my questions regarding the pending insurance fraud, just that they were denying the claim. I thanked him for his rather untimely help and unprofessional behavior. I am outraged that any insurance company would propagate fraudulent behavior such as this.

From the initial bad decision by MATT COOPER in towing the vehicle from a legal spot, through the stalling and failure of the Alpine Auto Recovery office providing legally required insurance documents, to the subsequent denial and providing of INSURANCE FRAUD PHOTOS of Alpine to us, Don Heald Jr, and Alpine Towing Driver MATT COOPER.

WE do not make these accusations lightly. I can and will provide further research to show that all this has been done by design and the long time, well practiced, abysmal business practices of Donald E. and Kathy Heald, Jr.

Junior has been writing his own rules and circumventing regulations and social responsibilities through his manipulation of the law and cronyism.

In my opinion, the only thing worse in society than the betrayal of the public trust (example: *** priest) is a manipulator of the public trust (and anyone who gets in the way of making the Almighty Junior Buck)such as a crooked cop. And who would know better how to manipulate a loosely regulated business like towing than a crooked cop?

Nothing seems to stand in Junior's way in terms of manipulating the rules to his benefit. Many in Denver recall Former Arapaho County District Attorney Carol Chambers as a tough, conservative, professional prosecutor in one of the largest, most diverse demographics in Metro Denver.

It seems that awhile back Donald E. Heald Jr. found a real slick way to make a living off the backs of his neighbors in Douglas County. Though supposedly trained as DIU investigator, according to various news media and law enforcement websites, the easy way for Junior to be a hero and make a comfortable living was making a habit of staking out a local eatery and picking off the clientele as they left.

Made for an arrest record the Elbert County sheriff at the time was proud of, and Junior was cleared of wrongdoing by an internal investigation (excuse me, this is Denver, we all know how those go. . .)but DA Chambers REFUSED to use his testimony in ANY cases, it was apparently so tainted. Now, what kind of future do you think a cop has with any force if their testimony is worthless to the prosecutor? There is ample proof of this observation provided upon request or Google it yourself)--Please do not redact.

Here's another interesting tidbit of business ethics practiced by Junior that may interest the BBB and DA:

It has been a common practice in the past for a new company to name / align themselves closely to a long term reputable, similar business, to kind of suck off their success, market and name recognition, etc. There is this unfortunate Colorado towing company (that does have a good BBB record)that was on the ground first called Alpine Towing and Recovery, out of Buena Vista and Salida. Please call Leslie at the main office to hear how Alpine Auto Recovery's reputation has tarnished their long term solid reputation by NAME ASSOCIATION. According to Leslie at the office, it is so bad and costs them so much in terms of mistaken identity that they are seriously considering rebranding themselves, to disassociate as much as possible with the reputation Alpine Auto Recovery has established.

Now that a history of personal and business character has been established, please revisit the current BBB history and note the following update:

We had obtained Donald E. Heald Jr.'s cellphone number from his office manager Felicity (no one gives a last name). We still waited several weeks for our insurance company to track things down, since we were provided no personal contact information on MATT COOPER, the driver blamed by Alpine for the damage. After I received the altered photographs from the Complicit WoodHaven Apartment & Townhomes manager Pam Conwell, I decided to call Junior on June 6 at 3:00 CT and discuss the matter directly, mano y mano.

It took him a moment to realize who I was:"You complained to the PUC. I'll take care of you. You get your lawyer and I'll get mine and I'll see you in court." Click. Now, the dishonored ex cop knows that this is a small claims action, in which lawyers aren't used. . . this further establishes a pattern of intimidation and lack of communication as a stalling tactic.

I waited a week or and called him again, clearly stating the call was an attempt to collect a debt; this time, he said he would have me arrested for phone harrassment if I called again, then called the Castle Rock Police Dept. to report me to Officer Graftner. Of course, Junior knows he can again twist the law to his advantage and again use the taxpayers and public servants as his personal security detail, and to absolve himself of any "hassle" and responsibility.

The disregard for common courtesy and taking responsibility here is appalling by any standards of decency and law; however, the 'civil v criminal' protections provided these fraudsters, (Putting the financial burden on a senior citizen?)makes it far too easy for these "criminal" operators get away with operating with impunity, with virtually no accountability? In small claims court there are no punitive damages. . . how many other old and disinfranchised people has this company victimized since being in operation? How many do not have the means to stand up for themselves?

I truly appreciate the BBB's efforts, but really, when a business has complete, utter disregard for the system, how effective do you think you can be?

My wife is a low income senior on social security--can the BBB refer any additional resources to help halt this predatory, decency defiling company?

We are also encouraging our insurance provider very strongly to pursue the insurance fraud I am alleging, based in part on the altered photos provided. That Progressive's adjuster accepted the altered photos without question is rather suspect as well. If Rodney would come by and survey the site as he should of initally, instead of going on vacation, I could easily demonstrate the inconsistencies in the fraudulent fake photos. I invite the BBB to review with me if desired.

There are a number of things within the evidence itself that will prove the fraud (some it so obvious it's laughable), if we could get the professional resources to prove so. Please call 303 495 **** with any additional information.


There is a Internet trail of this crooked cops actions spanning years in Elbert and Arapahoe Counties. Though he tries to claim harassment for collections calls after illegally billing victims there are laws that will confound even a jailhouse lawyer like Don E Heald Jr.

Even his wife is culpable, entering into other contracts with propertymanagers makes this crooked cops wife as guilty as he is. Both will suffer the consequences of victimizing old people.


This former cop's reputation was so tarnished by his illegal arrest tactics that local District Attorneys could not use his testimony in court.

What kind of future with the force does a cop have that can't testify in court? A future walking over old people and committing multiple crimes, with no regard for any law but his own.


I live in the Woodhaven Apartments where this happened. This place cares little for its tenants.

Along with Alpine Towing trolling for violators, we have to put up with F****E Brothers Pizza flyers stuffed in our door, even though it is posted at all the gates NO FLYERS.

I wonder how much money the property manager makes off fees and kickbacks from Alpine Auto Recovery LLC and F****E Brothers for guaranteeing exclusive rights to marketing to the captive audience at the Woodhaven Apartments and Townhomes in Denver.

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Aurora, Colorado

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